Young Goddess Kim – Hump My Latex Fuck My Heels 26.05.2022

I’m about to go out, just shined My latex leggings and now to inspect My stilettos that the shoe slave has had the honour of cleaning and polishing with its rag tongue. I was considering allowing the pathetic slave a release but My soles aren’t cleaned to My satisfaction. So I’m just going to tease and torment it without mercy! Stroke My property as you stare and beg to kiss My shiny latex ass. Beg to hump, bitch. Kissing and licking My shiny ass as it thrusts, squeezed between My glossy latex calves. Humping just like the horny d0gg it is. I attach the leash to its collar and continue inspecting all My shoes, making it lick every inch and suck My heels. My divine feet start feeling sweaty, I remove My stilettos and make it smell My feet before I demand them to be licked completely clean. Worship My sacred sweaty bare soles and suck My toes to please Me! Since My metal heel stilettos can be much shinier, I decide to put them on so it can lick them even more. For My cruel amusement I command the desperate slave to try fuck them. it gets so hard and leaky between My stilettos. I want it to hump harder and faster as My metal heels dig in those aching balls. Then it’s ordered in the carpet position, it’s face and slave dick beneath My soles. Licking My shoes as its edged one last aching time before I stuff My heels in its mouth, step on its hard denied arousal, put My jacket on and leave it there!

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