Mistress Lucy Khan – Ball Control- Mandatory Anal Humiliation

Look at this ridiculous contraption I brought over to My latest boy toy’s house. I convinced him that it’s going to take his workout to the next level, and can you believe the airhead believed Me? I can, because I like My men stupid and obedient-which this one definitely is! I mean, he hardly even hesitates when I tell him that he needs to fuck his own ass by bouncing up and down on this giant purple yoga ball lol. Look at him, he looks like a damn puppy staring into My eyes as I encourage him to humiliate himself for My amusement. His hard cock is wagging just like a tail, so I grab him by the balls and jam his face between My buttcrack, making him to smell My spandex wrapped asshole as he fucks his own boy pussy! You can tell by the smile on My face that manipulating Men is My favorite weekend sport…

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Duration :00:07:19

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