No One Forgets a Night With Janira Wolfe (1080p)

In this world, you and I have just returned from a first date, and have gone back to My apartment. After a few seconds of kissing, you’re already incredibly horny, and start trying to move things far too quickly for My liking. It’s clear that you are one of those men who thinks only of himself, and thus very much needs to be put in his place.

I explain that if you want for this little rendezvous to continue any further, you are to sit down, so I may tie you down to a chair and have My way with you.

Of course you agree. And of course, the experience leaves you humbled, impressed, and questioning your entire existence. So many of the nights you’ve had with other Women kind of blend together. But you know this one will stand out forever. After all, no one forgets a night with Janira Wolfe.

DOWNLOAD for the incredibly hot, sensually dominant POV FemDom Sex experience, incorporating elements of Bondage, Tease and Denial, Pre-Mature Ejaculation, Strip Tease, Pantyhose, High Heels, Bondage, Scratching, Ballbusting, Breathplay, Orgasms, Orgasm Control, Orgasm Denial, Goddess Worship, and of course the unparalleled privilege of Me having My way with you

File Size :589 MB
Resolution :1920 x 1080 MPEG-4
Duration :00:22:55

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