So much better as My bitch

So much better as My bitch

My little human puppy, pink poodle, is turning into an enjoyable toy for My pleasure. Today I’m just going to fuck him raw, with my hard cock shoved deep inside his man-pussy. Lets see if he is actually worthy of being considered one of My bitches. Letting poodle fondle My cock makes him so hard in his teeny little pink chastity, with his poor pint-sized clitty pushing its engorged head right out of the pee hole at the very tip of the stubby cage. Yet, being My bitch isn’t about the slave’s pleasure; it’s all centered about Mine and Mine alone. Fucking poodle’s face I love to see his big blue eyes welt up with tears as My cock the back of his tender throat. Finally, its time to own his man-pussy. Hearing the gasps and moans as I fuck his succulent ass makes Me so aroused. Nice and deep, fast or sensually slow, standing or sitting, I’ll have My way with this toy. poodle positively is so much better as My bitch than he is at being a real man.

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