Alexandra Snow – Fucksaw

Alexandra Snow – Fucksaw

There is something so deeply and innately satisfying about marrying power tools, and sex toys. You boys all know how fond I am of my fucking machine. There’s nothing like the sounds of pistons and moans as my dear machine fucks some slut in the ass. Today’s toy is different, but just as satisfying. I have for my slave today what is known as a Fucksaw. A large dildo is mounted at the end of a jigsaw for extremely fast and punishing penetration. There’s no slow mode on this piece of work. It goes from 0 to balls deep in just seconds. Very little prep allowed. It’s one of the more punishing tools in my arsenal and I’m happy to put it through it’s paces on this unlucky slut.
#Anal, #Corporal Punishment, #Female Domination, #Fucking Machines, #Rough,

File Size :554 MB
Resolution :1920 x 1080 MPEG-4
Duration :00:08:33

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