Pristine Edge – Nobody Compares To Step Mommy, Nobody

Pristine Edge – Nobody Compares To Step Mommy, Nobody

Your Step-Mommy enters the living room; she asks “Do you know why you are wearing the Mask of Shame?”

“It’s because you were looking at other women. You should know that Step-Mommy is the Only woman you should ever look at.”

Step-Mommy is upset that you were kissing a girl at collage. Step-Mommy DOES NOT TOLERATE OTHER WOMEN. After all… You know those other woman can never make you cum like Step-Mommy can. Your Cock belongs to Step-Mommy and only Step-Mommy; Step-Mommy with her perfect breasts and soft hands…

Step-Mommy begins to stroke your hard cock, you are almost instantly ready to Cum… but Step-Mommy doesn’t let you, You don’t deserve to Cum. You need to realize that Step-Mommy is the Best… She rubs her Tits all over your Dick… Mommies Tits are the Best Too! But Step-Mommy won’t let you Cum yet! Step-Mommy Knows the Importance of making you wait.

Unfortunately you can only hold out so long… Your Cum erupts all over her Chest… Step-Mommy is Very Unhappy with you… You will need to be locked up and not allowed to Cum for at least a month… But Wow, it was sure worth it. Step-Mommy Really Is The Best.

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