Natalya – Worship Edge for Me

Natalya – Worship Edge for Me

My slave is very excited to get out of chastity. He’s been in there a full six weeks. I’m going to let him out today, but one condition. He doesn’t get to cum. Today I want just worship edges. The slave is so eager to edge to my sexy bikini body. I make it kiss my perfect ass while it pleasures itself. He’s at an edge in no time. My ass just drives boys crazy. I know I can get whatever I want with my sexy curves. I control my slave’s edge. It must stop and go on my command. The blubbering slave begs to have an orgasm. No way! I don’t care how much money he spends. He can’t just buy an orgasm because he wants one. Spending money does not make a slave entitled to anything from me. My slave has to do what I say, not what it wants. I tease my slave with my beautiful breasts. This makes the edging even harder for it. The slave begs me to stop. I’m not done. He has to edge until I say he’s done. Finally, I lock my slave back up in chastity. But the teasing doesn’t stop! I rub my beautiful butt against my slave’s chastity until he’s begging to get out again. It begs to be let out, then to be locked in, then to be let out! I’ve scramble its brain with my body. The slave no longer has any idea what it wants.

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