Goddess Platinum – Electric Geezer Dick

Goddess Platinum – Electric Geezer Dick

I was shopping online the other day and found this crazy, fun looking, device.
Its an electrical chastity device. It has all these different settings to send electrical currents through pathetic little dicks. And it just so happens that ALL my slaves have pathetic little dicks. LOL
But I figured who better to test it out on then my pathetic old geezer slave. It absolutely hates any form of CBT. Hahaha
This will be the true test to see how well this dick-shocking chastity device really does work.
Let’s just say my geezer slave hated this device and I honestly think it didn’t want to play with me anymore after I took my time going through each and every mode – a few times – and maxing the voltage out every time!

File Size :1.48 GB
Resolution :1920 x 1080 MPEG-4
Duration :00:17:05

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