Erotic Fantasy and Pain

Erotic Fantasy and Pain

Imagine … You have this fantasy that’s been with you for a long time. You know it follows you on a daily basis, and you must get the opportuniity to experience it. As I bring you to my dungeon, I quietly tell you to undress until naked. Then I quickly place a tight hood over you head, already you are suffering from sensual depravation. You can’t see, and all you hear is my voice. I place you in my torture chair, and bind your hands and feet. I also put a tight leather strap around your neck. Already you are breathing quite heavily. This is all part of your fantasy and you can’t quite believe it’s happening to you. With you tightly bound and helpless, I approach wearing my beautiful Louboutin stiletto shoes, and silk stockings, I tell you I will make your fantasy a reality. As I get closer, you can smell the scent of my beautiful body and feel the sensual softness of my silk stockings as I place my legs against your body. It’s not long before your throbbing cock becomes rock hard. I caress it and my velvet touch drives you wild, and I know you are desperate to cum. However, not without my permission. I know your fantasy involves some torture. So I tie a weight to your balls, making sure it is painfully uncomfortable as it pulls against you throbbing cock. The sensation is somewhat strange to you as you continue to suffer. After some more teasing and with your squeals of pleasure and pain, your moment of ecstasy arrives. I tighten my hand around your cock and give you permission to cum. With your dripping cock, I leave you to struggle in the torture chair. Perhaps you may be pondering the fact that you will remain helpless and tightly bound until I return. When you will experience the reality of being my slave, and at the mercy of Mistress…


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