Crystal mistress crystal milks the new slave

Now that Mistress Crystal’s new bitch has pleased her, she has her slave laying on top of the cage. She asks the slave if he wants to be a part of her stable. He says yes, but it is not that easy. Being in Mistress Crystal’s stable is a high honor. Reserved for only the most qualified slaves. She tells her bitch that he will have to earn it. Mistress Crystal teases her slave by spitting in his mouth, slapping him playfully with her riding crop and then letting him suck her tit. After several minutes of teasing, the slave’s cock is hard as a rock. Mistress Crystal makes her slave beg for her to release his cock from his latex pants. She unzips his pants and begins stroking his hard cock and his full balls. Mistress Crystal edges her slut by slapping, stroking and spitting on his cock. Finally, the slave begs his Mistress for permission to cum. He shoots his load as Mistress Crystal continues to jerk his cock. He erupts with cum all over his latex and Mistress Crystal’s hand. The Russian Goddess tells her slut to taste his cum as she smears his cum over his face and makes him lick her cum covered fingers. Mistress Crystal is pleased with her bitch so far, but she needs to find out if he can take her punishment.


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