Maria Marley – You Can Cum if You Eat it

Maria Marley – You Can Cum if You Eat it

Maria Marley is wearing sexy spandex leggings and a tank top. Shes making the bed, when Lance gets turned on by her ass. He starts to grope her. She stops him.You wanna do something kinky? I wanna see you eat your own cum!Maria really wants to make Lance eat his own cum. He just wants to fuck her. She teases him. She puts his face in ass and crotch. She wraps her sexy legs around his neck and scissorholds him. She drives him insane. He really doesnt wanna eat his own cum. Shes starting to break him down with her teasing. The more she lets him worship her ass and legs, the closer he gets to giving in. Lance has finally caves and agrees to eat his own cum for Maria Marley. He wanted to fuck her, but shes just going to stroke his cock. She has him insane with blue balls, and twitching as she slowly strokes his lubed up cock. Maria loves tormenting him like this.He begs her not to stop while she smiles at him and lets go of his cock just before he cums, a few times. She spins around and rubs her ass in her leggings against his twitching dripping boner. Beg me. Beg me to lick your cum off my leggings. He has no choice. Hell do anything for release. He begs her.She turns around, wraps her legs around him and jerks him off until he dribbles cum on her crotch. She makes him lick her fingers clean, then her leggings

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