Batman Confronts Super Riley

Batman Confronts Super Riley

Super Riley is new on the scene in Gotham. She’s been a good crime fighter, but Batman has some issues with her slutty ways. He confronts her about it, basically slut shaming her for over using her super power (the ability to magically make men get ultra horny). He accuses her of doing it for her own pleasure. When he brings up that he heard she sucked off the Riddler just for fun, she cuts him off and uses her pussy magic on the Dark Knight just to shut him up.
Quickly Batman embraces her with a kiss and grabs her tits. She laughs. “Maybe if you just got laid a little more you wouldn’t be so damn grumpy…”
He falls to his knees and worships her ass and legs intensely. After a long worship, he rips open her shiny pantyhose, unsnaps her leotard and buries his face in her pussy from behind. Super Riley loves having her superior super hero on his knees below her.
Batman fucks her from behind until she cums, then she puts him on his back to ride him and explain the full extent of her magic powers. She has the ability to keep him hard, forever. He won’t go soft after cumming, and she plans to ride him for a very very long time. She giggles and doesn’t care how sensitive or uncomfortable, or even eventual painful this will be for him. Every time he cums, she’s going to make him lick it from her pussy…
He tries not to cum, but her pussy and cock riding skills are just too good for him. He fills her pussy with cum while she moans and smiles. Riley crawls over him and makes him lick his cum from her pussy, then crawls back on his sensitive cock to ride him more, making him cum over and over…


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