Mystic Mafra Drains Lance Hart

Mystic Mafra Drains Lance Hart

Stefania Mafra seduced Lance Hart into her house. He doesn’t know she’s actually the magical “Mystic Mafra” but doesn’t even care when she reveals herself. He doesn’t believe in her powers, and he’s certainly not about to tell her where he planted his evil bomb…
Then she taps him on the nose and he suddenly falls on his knees under her spell. He can’t help himself. He buries his face in her pantyhose and high cut leotard covered crotch, worshipping her. She laughs.
She’s going to take advantage of the situation and get herself off while he worships her amazing ass, legs, crotch and boots. Then she’s going to activate her spell fully by draining his cock. Once she has his cum on her, she’ll have full control of him and he’ll be her submissive forever, unable to commit any wrong doing (and useful to her as a sex slave on the side…)


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