Zephianna – TOTAL power 2 lick my asshole

What can I say, life is amazing (for me). Sucks to be a loser! My feminine power has only increased–keeping my chastity slave on a tight leash and treating him lower than dirt on my shoes makes me constantly wet! I fuck with his mind in this clip, telling him that I’ve decided to finally let him have an orgasm….Oh wait he can’t, he’s locked in a chastity device lol!! I spit in his face and make him get down on his knees and lick my godly asshole!! I LOVE what I’ve turned him into: a pathetic, mushy, drooling buffoon crawling behind my sexy feet.. pinned beneath my divine heel. I tell him to stay away from my pussy–losers in chastity only get ass to lick. I can feel how hard he’s pressing his stupid face into my hot cheeks…chastity is REALLY working, I love the desperate passion. Once my asshole’s clean, I rub his denied status in his face and remind him I still have access to his plump little balls (which I kick repeatedly). Once satisfied with his, I walk off…leaving him kneeling.
Next scene: just chillin’ on the couch, reading text messages–I notice him crawling ALL the way back over to me with that dumbass look in his eyes–wtf he just can’t get enough how how HOT I AM!! “well I don’t really have any more use for you, so you can just…lick the bottom of my shoe.” Raising my foot up, he gets to see his new destiny: the dirt and filth I’ve stepped in, and slowly begins licking the discolored bottom of my wedge sandal while I ignore and continue playing around online!

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