Slave Cleans Mistress Kira’s Ass With Tongue After Gym

Slave Cleans Mistress Kira’s Ass With Tongue After Gym

Princess Kira monitors her figure, so she regularly goes to the gym. This time, already in the gym, Kira decided that as soon as she returned home, the slave would have to lick her sweaty ass with his tongue. The petite Mistress videotaped herself in the gym, and then immediately the video is transferred to the bathroom of her house. The young Princess preeners herself in the mirror by ordering a slave to kiss and sniff her divine ass in sports leggings that are soaked in her sweat after training. The oral servant passionately kisses the Mistress’s buttocks and sticks his nose deep between the buttocks to sniff the scent of the perfect ass. Then Kira takes off her yoga pants and orders the slave to worship to her ass in panties (thongs) so that he smells the ass even more. And after a moment, Mistress Kira completely removes her panties, completely exposing-fantasy her ass in the face of a slave. – lick my slave hole in the ass, clean it out with your tongue until it shines! – lick my anal hole to shine, slave! The grateful slave buried his face between the bare buttocks of the Goddess and began to diligently lick her ass, licking off all the sweat from her after the gym. This is first time ass licking (rimming, rimjob) femdom with Goddess Kira and her submissive guy.

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