The Gimp That Stole Christmas Part II

The Gimp That Stole Christmas Part II

Now that my Christmas present has been thoroughly probed and tested, it’s time to take the gimp out on a joyride! How could I not, when he has been so sweetly wrapped and mummified in saran wrap and duct tape? I’m feeling the holiday cheer.
I unwrap my gift, opening up the wreath of tinsel tied around his cock and balls. I’m generous today. Today, he will be milked with the Venus 2000 milking machine. His cock grows in excitement, knowing that he’ll be allowed to cum today, and I laugh, knowing what’s in store for him. After all, I own that cock and I own that orgasm.
I’ll let him cum as he pleases. But can he? Will I keep the rhythm of the milking machine enough to give him a full orgasm? Or will I ruin it? Will I even let him cum or do I have other plans? And if he does cum, then what else?

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