Denied between My thighs

Denied between My thighs

My poor slave has just driven 7 hours to see his Goddess, but his cock has been locked in chastity for far longer. he’s so hungry to give himself totally over to Me, all in the hopes that he might be rewarded with a release. Rubbing My latex covered body so close to his, teasing his well lubed cock with a latex gloved hand; he whimpers in arousal like a lost puppy. Unfortunately for him I know that he is a chronic wanker and that is why I keep him locked in chastity. I’m sure he feels the heat of My aroused Sanctum, all as he imagines having actual sex with his Goddess. he’s so pathetic and weak, so easy to arouse and manipulate. That tiny cock trapped between My latex clad thighs, just millimeters away from the place he’ll never ever be allowed to visit – it drives him crazy. But all he can do is beg Me for a release and hope. Should I allow him one?

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