Tangent, Jewell and the Filth Extractor (1080p)

The pain slut has done a decent job taking his caning and whipping but now there is another problem. Mistress Jewell is disgusted by his huge balls. She informs him that it is completely unacceptable for a slave to have that much testosterone in their balls. Jewell tells the slut that it has to be extracted! Goddess Tangent agrees that not only does his nuts need to be emptied but he must eat every last drop of his own filth. The slave is standing bound with his hands secured over his head. Goddess Tangent and Mistress Jewell are both dressed in sexy rubber outfits with latex gloves. Jewell pinches the slut’s nipples while Tangent spits in his face and slaps his face. They laugh at the fully humiliated bitch standing helplessly in front of them. Goddess Tangent spits on the slut’s fully erect cock while they tell him that he is not worthy of their hands. Slaves like him are not milked by hands they are milked by an apparatus. They both laugh at the idea that a slave would think itself worthy of being touched in that way by them. Goddess Tangent brings over the hitachi massager that has a rubber attachment that goes around the cock. It is called the filth extractor. Once the filth extractor is attached to the slave’s hard cock, he has no choice but to give the Goddesses all of his milk. The slave is forced to cum all over the gloved hands of Tangent and Jewell. Obviously, the filth is smeared all over his face and in his mouth. They make sure the slut eats every disgusting drop. Goddess Tangent, Jewell Marceau

File Size :516 MB
Resolution :1920 x 1080 MPEG-4
Duration :00:05:59

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