Lucid Lavender – Head Cheerleader JOI Princess Training

So you wanna be a part of the cheerleading squad? A male member of the cheerleading team? Well if you want to I have a few questions. First of all, are you ready to do anything that I say? Because you’re going to have to obey every order, do you understand? Good. Now get on your knees. Good boy. Obedient already. That’s what I like to see, a boy who does what he’s told. You’d be the only male and competition is pretty high so you’d better please me. LOL!

Take off your clothes, I want to see what your ‘form’ looks like. Now grab your cock, yes I said pull it out. Oh I see you’re not nervous at all! I like that, that’s what I’ve been waiting to see. Next I want you to stroke it. That’s right, stroke your cock for me. I’m serious. I can tell that you want to by how hard it is lol. Good job lol! You have good ‘form’. You have a good stroke. And you can’t keep your eyes off of me, can you? You keep staring up at me while you touch it, aren’t you?

This isn’t what you expected, is it? You thought you’d do a couple of moves and cheer. But you’re doing a couple of moves, aren’t you? Good. Now stop. Let’s see if we can make that cock harder. I’m going to take my skirt off. Most guys won’t do all of this, but you were just waiting for the opportunity, weren’t you? I see the way you look at us in the hallway, when we’re all walking around together in our cheerleader uniforms and laughing and gossiping. I thought I saw a boner in your pants a few times when I’ve looked at you.

Stroke that cock again lol. Pump it for me. Do you think I’m going to let you cum? That’s actually the secret, you have to cum to be a part of the squad. And if you become a part of the squad then we can do this any time. I can make you do this any time, I am the head cheerleader and you have to obey me. As head cheerleader, everybody has to obey me. You’re lucky I’m not making you do this in front of the whole squad. That would be so humiliating, everyone at school would find out because we’d all be laughing about it so much lol. I mean if you want, I could probably make that happen at some point. The girls and I will gather around you and pull down your shorts and make you stroke in front of all of us lol! But that’s kind of exciting, isn’t it? It just makes you wanna do it, doesn’t it? It makes me want to do it to you.

I kinda like doing things that are wrong. It makes it more exciting, don’t you agree? I can tell you’re excited, I see you’re getting close. So stop. It’s hard not to when you’re looking at me, right? Boys are either too nervous or they get way too excited. I had one boy pop in like ten seconds. And stamina is important here. LOL! I can see you’re like almost convulsing because you want to touch your cock again so badly. Put your hand right by your cock but don’t touch it. How long can you sit like that for?

Ok stroke it, show me your rhythm. 1, 2, 3, 4… LOL! Are you almost ready? Your cock is throbbing. Did you think tryouts were going to be so grueling? LOL! Keep pumping. Jerk it with me, follow my instructions. And maybe if you perform really well by the end of the year I’ll be stroking it for you. Teasing you. Edging you. Jerk it faster. Are you ready to cum? I’m going to count you down. 3, 2, 1… Cum! LOL!!! You’re probably the best I’ve seen so far but I can’t make any decisions yet, so, pull your pants back up and run along and I’ll let you know if you made the team lol. Good boy.

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