Take A Pounding 1

Take A Pounding 1

You grab a big strap-on & slowly pull it on & describe how you will start off slow then fuck me really hard until satisfied. You smile & say You know this is probably going to hurt, but even if it does, I wont stop!. Cut to after you have been fucking me for a while-I complain it is too big/hurts. You tell me Shut the fuck up and take it. Dont dare tell me to go easier on you. You kick off heels so you can fuck harder. Coming close to camera, you make me beg: Ask me to fuck you really hard with this massive cock. You start to fuck me again & notice my cock is hard, so tell me to stroke, but not cum. You keep pounding me & I cannot hold back & cum-all over your bra and pantyhose. Unhappy, you tell me to wait there while you go change-when you return I am really going to fucking get it! (to be cont).

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