Alien Take Over Sperm Collection

Alien Take Over Sperm Collection

We’re more intelligent beings & we’re taking over your beautiful planet. You stupid, greedy humans are doing such a horrible job with it you don’t deserve it. Pollution, war, cruelty…your air, water, plants & animals all being destroyed. This ends now. We will take care of your planets resources but we need some of your abilities to survive on your planet, to be able to breath the air, etc. So we are collecting your sperm to create a hybrid with your species & ours, taking the traits we need, like your lungs, for our survival. We are a female led species so will keep most of the females alive on your planet. The only men that will be kept alive will be those who can produce the most valuable sperm. So stroke like your life depends on it stupid human male & hope that your load is impressive enough to save your life.

Femdom POV. Handjob. No nudity. Humilation. JOI.

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