Stella Liberty – Pounding Candi Cumdump Sweet Tooth Pt.5

Things have been changing around here for me lately, namely my need to push my personal slaves further and further down the rabbit hole. Not only do I have an incredible rubber slave named Candi Cumdump, today is going to be the first day I give her my cock. But when I come into her quarters she is splayed out on the bed trying to rub one out through her chastity device. That little slut! I stroke my cock and am so hard for her I make the bitch rear her booty for me as I slide into her tasty sissy pussy. No way in hell will I give her a break today, I want her ass and I’m going to have it. Turns out, Candi was twiddling her slitty to the thought of me so I make sure to drill it into her ditzy little brain that she exists solely to serve as my little fuck doll to me or my friends. Not only is today the first time I’ve popped Candi’s Cherry, It’s the first time I’ve ever done it on film for my store.

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