Sodomy Slaughterhouse – Cybill Troy & Goddess Tangent

Cybill Troy has her good friend Goddess Tangent over for a visit. When these two beautiful and evilly perverted Ladies are looking for some fun, you know its about to get wonderfully nasty.

Miss Troy has her gimp laid out, ready and awaiting whatever his Mistress and her guest wish to do with him. With the mouth insert on the gimps transparent face mask clearly betraying the fear and excitement within, the two latex clad Dommes immediately home in on the mouth hole for the first of their intrusive bouts of fun.

Testing out the gimps ability to take their fingers, hands and spit into his latex mouth insert, Miss Troy and Goddess Tangent find that the insert has insufficient depth for the knuckle duster cock they want the gimp to gag on. So, off with the face attachment and in deep with the black cock. While Goddess Tangent forces the gimps head forward, Cybill Troy chokes out her gimp with one hand and rams her knuckle mounted cock deeper and deeper with her other. Unable to move and only able to submit to his Mistresses invasion of his throat, the gimp soon has copious amounts of spit and drool forming. With all that slippery spit, its only natural that Miss Troy & Goddess Tangent wish to continue the gag-a-thon but instead of the now meagre knuckle duster cock, it is with their hands. Both Mistresses take huge enjoyment deeply fucking the gimps mouth with their gloved hands. Deeper and deeper, one at a time, then two. Taking it in turns to gag, choke and get those salivary glands into overdrive.

With the mouth hole clearly stretched, open and willing. Miss Troy flips her gimps legs up and begins her relentless quest to open up all the holes.

She slams the tip of her black man-o-war strap on into her gimps asshole while he is dosed by Goddess Tangent. As she continues to fuck her gimp harder and harder Miss Troy folds the gimps legs right over, pining him down, so that Tangent may more easily force her large red strap on deeply down into the gimps throat.

As the pounding at both ends from the Mistresses large strapons increases, its oh so easy for Cybill Troy to deftly increase the amount of ass stretching with her hand and also cock.

Flipping their double ended fuck-toy onto all fours its now the turn of Goddess Tangent to invade the, by now willing asshole of their entertaining toy.

While dosed and choked by Miss Troy, the gimp is fucked hard and heartily by the large, unforgiving red cock of Goddess Tangent. By now, both Mistresses are of the opinion that their toy has been too well fucked and just is not fully respecting the cock onslaught being so graciously bestowed upon it. Its time to impale this slack jawed and open assed gimp-toy onto a monstrous cock…..

With Cybill Troy berating and commanding her now shattered gimp to back up onto her huge black cock, its inevitable that her gimp can only comply. Miss Troy fully takes ownership of her gimps innards with her seemingly endless dick.

Impaling her gimp, from tip to balls deep, again and again, Cybill Troy halts, only moments before utter gimp-destruction, as being an impeccable hostess, she feels its only right for Goddess Tangent to undertake the final organ rearranging and heart nudging deep fucking of their shattered, broken, now fully-fucked toy.

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