Pegged by the window

Pegged by the window

This is My bitch, and I want everybody to see that. That’s why I tied him knelt in front of the window and am opening the curtains now; I want My neighbors too see him like this and what I will do to him. I am going to fuck his ass with My big red strap-on, but first some preparations have to be made: My strap-on needs to be lubricated, and his ass needs to be open wide. For the latter I will use a nice big round butt-plug, that will go up My bitches ass while I fuck his face with My strap-on, getting it wet and warm. Are My neighbors seeing it? Is My bitch ashamed? Why would he, he should be proud to be My bitch. Then I’m gonna switch the locations of the tools: My big red cock will go deep into My bitches ass, while the butt plug will shut his mouth, making sure that that he will not be too loud and that none of his ass juices get on any of My furniture or on the floor. Now it’s time to fuck his ass hard, while his little clitty is locked securely in the small chastity cage. His pleasure should come from pleasing My cocks, not from his tiny appendix. And when I’m done ramming his ass, he will also have to clean My cock with his mouth. He wasn’t expecting someone else to clean his ass juices, was he?
This is a re-post of an older clip, remastered for those of My fans that haven’t seen it yet.

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