Rebelle Hart – We Are Just Friends LOL

I can tell that you like me. I can tell that I am your ultimate bratty dream girl. I can tell that you jerk your nasty cock to me every single night. It is written all over your beta face. But here is the thing, you and I are only ever going to be friends. A girl as hot as me simply cannot date beta losers like you. You are going to be such a good friend to me LOL.

Because I am such a brat, I can’t just let you down gently. I have to really tease you. I tease you with my tight young body as I show off in these tiny black shorts and white crop top. I drive you wild by playing with my little tits and flashing some underboob while I mock you. My ass looks like a perfect peach when I’m bent over laughing at you in these short shorts. I get why you are so obsessed with me. I’m the perfect mix of cute and sexy. I tease you by laughing in your face and telling you all the humiliating reasons as to why I am friendzoning you. I make sure you understand how far beneath me you are. A girl like me is perfection. You are pathetic. You are so perverted that me rejecting and humiliating you like this turns you on.

I see how eager and desperate you are to please me. I know how gooning while you fantasize about me every night has really melted your brain. You don’t care how mean I am to you; you just want to be close to me because I make your dick throb like no other girl ever has. You want my personal attention as something to cling to when you obsessively masturbate thinking about me. This tells me you could have the potential to be useful to me and I love taking advantage of beta losers who think with their dicks. You will be putty in my hand. You will be wrapped around my little finger.

In exchange for allowing you to be my friend and dedicate your cock to gooning to my content every single night, you have to be my beta slave. I will be the only woman in your life, and you don’t even get anything out of it. You must drive me places, run errands for me, listen to me talk about hot Alpha men I am fucking. You are going to hear all about men better than you fucking me for free. Hell, you have to buy me the lingerie to fuck them in and then pick me up when the date is over like a fucking beta cuck. You better save your money because you are going to be paying for my entire life now LOL. I am going to make you do so many humiliating and degrading things to be my “best friend” which in this case is really just my beta bitch boy.

But first, you have to prove to me that we are going to be best friends. You have to do and pay exactly what I say. It is the only way I will let you goon to me, your super hot unattainable best friend. How humiliating for you! But you are so desperate to please me you will do anything because your best friend makes you so fucking hard.

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