Goddess Evelyn – Punished By The Teacher

I ask you to meet with Me in the teachers lounge after class. I’ve caught you staring at My body on multiple occasions, and have even caught you jerking off. It’s unacceptable behavior, and it deserves punishment. You have two options. I take it to the dean, or I punish you here Myself. You know the dean will kick you out of school, so you agree to do anything that I say. To your surprise, I begin to tease you with My body, and ask you to get naked. I instruct you to jerk off for Me. After you’re very aroused, I tell you that this is not your punishment. Your punishment is eating your cum. I make you get in the loser position and stroke. I notice how close your cock is to your mouth, and I demand that you suck it. I laugh at you as you suck your own cock in the teachers lounge. You’re so desperate not to get in trouble with the dean…you really will do anything. As I give you a cum countdown I pull out My phone and begin taking pictures of you. If you don’t want these pictures making their way around campus you’ll become My new play thing. Weekly meetings in the teachers lounge. Got it?

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