Punching The Cum Out Of His Balls

Mistress Firewolf is testing out Her sub and determining his pain thresholds. He’s got to prove he can take whatever ball abuse Mistress dishes out and still perform! Action focusses on hard ball squeezing, tugging, slapping and punching, while mixing in pleasure to keep him aroused and on edge.
Just as Mistress is about to let him cum, She cruelly stops stroking his cock, grab his balls HARD and Squeeze the cum out by repeatedly punching his balls, thoroughly ruining his orgasm… I don’t let him go and keep on punching his balls until long after he’s had enough and is begging Me to stop. Then I collect his cum and make him to eat it all… Yum!

File Size :2.62 GB
Resolution :1920 x 1080 MPEG-4
Duration :00:18:29

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