Your First Hands On Lesson In Sexual Education

Your First Hands On Lesson In Sexual Education

Your teacher, Raquel, is going to teach you a strong lesson today in sexual education. Your teacher wants to give you a hands-on experience. Raquel pulls out your cock, and begins to stroke you slowly with her gloved hands. “You wonder.. Teach, whats up with the gloves? They are for sexual protection, of course.” Your teacher rubs her hands up and down your shaft, as you get harder for her. Her gloved hands grip perfectly around your cock, your veins are bursting as her hands move up and down. Raquel reminds you that you will need to complete your lesson thoroughly before you can even think about cumming…And that’s up for your teacher to decide. Raquel is a very hands-on teacher.. Her sexual education classes are her hands wrapped around your cock. Giving you the first hand experience you really need in education. She has to make sure you are prepared to please all the girls. Now your teacher is guiding you with her gliding hand, showing you the way. Raquel runs the palms of her hands on the tip of your cock, circling and driving you wild. Your teacher spits on your cock, and reminds you that lubrication is a very important part of sex. Raquel pumps away at your cock, jerking her hands back and forth while spitting on your cock. Your teacher wonders if she is really pleasing you, and begins to play with your pre-cum.. “Oh Wow! I can tell you’re excited.” Raquel can feel the cum building in your cock, and gives you permission to cum all over. Your instructor has finally given you permission to cum all over her gloved hands. Raquel giggles, and shows off the load you put into her hands. You definitely passed Raquel’s sexual education class.

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