Princess Amai – Begging Me To Lock Him Up AND Chastity Slave Tease and Denial

Clip #1
Keeping a slave in chastity can be very taxing. When his cock is locked up, so is his mind. It is focused on me 24 hours a day, which can at times be annoying. He is always texting me, emailing me, telling me how pathetic he is, how much he worships me, how much he wants to serve me. Which is of course exactly what I want, but it can get boring. So I decided I needed some peace for awhile and decided to let my slave out of chastity. I brought him into my room and unlocked his cock and told him he was free. I told him he was too needy. I told him he was free to jerk off when I’m not around. But he couldn’t wait, he started touching his dick right away! He was always a chronic masturbator and being in chastity really controlled his urges. He asked permission and I let him jerk off in front of me this one time.
But here’s where it gets interesting…. My slave has actually learned something from all his time in chastity. He admitted that being in chastity has made him a better person! He jerks off less, he focuses on me more, he works harder and he’s more productive. And he realized this all on his own! He felt wrong jerking off, he didn’t want to return to his old ways. So to my surprise, he BEGGED me to lock him back up. He wanted to continue to be a better person. He NEEDS to be in chastity. He knows he’s a jerkoff addict when he’s not locked up and that his life is a complete waste when he’s a jerkoff loser instead of a chastity slave. And he didn’t stop jerking off the whole time he begged me to lock him back up.
He bent over and kissed my feet as he begged me to lock his cock back up. I told him if he wanted to in chastity again that he would learn to be less needy. He promised he wouldn’t bother me any more and that he would focus his attention on making me money. So even though I had no intention of locking him back up, I did! How could I resist his pathetic begging, lol? He’s actually learning to become a better slave and a better human being through chastity.
Clip #2
It was time for a little mid week tease & denial for my slave. I tied all of his limbs to the four corners of the bed so he couldn’t move. I took off his chastity device for a little tease and denial handjob. But what he didn’t know is that I was going to mix in a little pain with his pleasure. I started out using a vibrator on his balls to get his cock nice and hard. Then I started working my hands up and down his erect shaft. His head was so sensitive, his body started thrusting up and down. And just when he was beginning to enjoy it to much, I slapped his hard cock really hard! Then back to jerking. I jerked him so close to the edge before letting go and then smacking his cock relentlessly. He twisted and writhed in pain, but he couldn’t do anything about it because he was all tied up.
Then I jerked his cock again to the edge and then I slapped his balls really hard. He tried to get away but he was bound so tightly to the bed. He was completely helpless. I tortured his cock, his balls and his mind. My mixture of pain and pleasure had his brain scrambled. He was lucky I was even touching his dick. But I was only doing it to fuck with him. He is going right back in chastity when I’m done. Locked up with a sore cock, sore full balls, and a denied cock. Then I just started getting downright mean. Jerking and slapping away over and over again. The combination of pain and pleasure was too much for him to handle. He begged for the pain to end. But his begging fell on deaf ears.

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