Mistress Stella – Serving Stella

DECEMBER SPECIAL – BEST VALUE 37 MINUTES OF HOT FEMDOM TEASE WITH MISTRESS NINA – Mistress Stella rides Her submissive pony into the room. She is wearing sexy pantyhose with black string panties over top. She has a sexy black leather corset with the breast holes cut out and Her pert breasts show through. She kicks Her pony around the room for a bit and then orders him to halt and kiss Her ass. He is ordered to the floor and She tramples his back in heels, leaving lots of red marks and pin pricks where the spikes have bit into his tender flesh. Then time for foot worship and foot domination as the blonde beauty sits in the chair above him. He licks and sucks Her black high heels as She gazes down at Her pathetic slave in pantyhose.
Foot domination continues as the long legged blonde slips off Her black high heels and has him sniff Her sweat on the inside. She strokes his face with Her nylon covered foot as She sits on his chest above him. She truly enjoys kicking his face in between licks. She slips off Her black panties and teases him with them, stuffing them into his mouth and drawing them out after a bit of rinsing. She moves Her bare pussy over his face and splits Her long thighs over his mouth. She lowers Herself to use his tongue for service.
She slaps his face off and on as She grinds Her wet pussy on his mouth. He tongues Her hole and then She starts fucking his face with Her cunt. She loves to humiliate him under Her pussy. She commands him to his hands and knees and circles him kicking him in the sides. She moves to stand in front of the chair and arches Her back while She orders him into lick Her twat. She enjoys this for a bit and then has him turn to put his head back on the chair and splits wide over top of him so he can lick every inch of Her wet snatch. She perches on his face until She orgasms and then leaves.

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