Mistress Mercy – Your tongue My Dirty Assholev

Sexy Mistress Mercy has one slave in the cage and another on top of it where he’s been waiting for her to use him as she sees fit. “I haven’t had my ass licked in over an hour” she says as she enters the room. She gets up on the cage and sits on the slaves face. The slave below can only listen and long. Mercy pulls up her skirt and you get a great upward angle of her delicious ass cheeks as she gyrates on the slaves face. She tells the slave to hold his breath and she sits down firmly. She lifts her arm up and you get a nice view of her armpit too.The camera now moves behind Mercy and you can see the slaves tongue going up and down her crack. “Pay extra attention to my butt hole” she tells him. She says she wants her ass clean because her boyfriend is coming over to fuck it soon. “Maybe I’ll need you to lick it again after he leaves” she says with a smile. Lots of ass wiggling and breath play on the slave face. She asks the caged slave if he is jealous and naturally he says he is. “Remember you two are constantly competing for my attention, the best slave gets my ass” she reminds them. The scene ends with Mercy sitting firmly on the slave and grinding her but butt into his face, she doesn’t plan to get up this time!

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Resolution :1920 x 1080 MPEG-4
Duration :00:05:56

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