Mistress Paige – I’m too Good to you, TOILET SLAVE

As this scene opens we see the portable toilet sitting in the dungeon and then the sound of a toilet flushing in the background. Mistress Paige walks into the room, with her pants pulled down, and calls her slave over saying she needs him to lick her dirty ass. The slave licks eagerly until she tells him to back off and spread her ass cheeks to look and insure she is clean. When he says she is she says “I’m too nice to you sometimes.” Paige has kenny spending the weekend servicing a gay bike gang and she says she could be feeding him instead so he should consider himself lucky.

Next she has him lay under the toilet. She talks plastic wrap and wraps it around the base causing a seal so she can sit on it and fart in the slaves face without the odor drifting away. She literally wants him to marinate in the smell. Once she sits on the toilet she starts to produce one fart after another and while the slave surely appreciates each one he can’t help but react to each blast. It’s literally a dutch oven in there. A lovely variety of farts, from short squeakers, to long watery ones, and everything in between, a real delight for fart connoisseurs. She has the slave stroke his cock because she wants him to associate farting and toilet slavery with sexual pleasure. Once a slave has experienced being a human toilet nothing else will every truly get him aroused. Conventional sex with leave him flaccid every time meaning he is useless to a woman wanting a traditional relationship. Paige takes her feet and rubs them over the slaves cock and tells him what kenny is likely being subjected to with the bikers. She lets out one last nasty juicy fart and the slave coughs and says “Oh my god.” She tells him to open his mouth.

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