Cages All Around Ft Miss Roper

In this clip, you will experience two different perspectives. The first? My husband who I have had locked away in chastity for months without release. You know I have a boyfriend and your mind runs wild with the imagery of what we must do together when we meet. You want to see for yourself don’t you? Well lucky for you I’ve made you a little video for you to watch what we truly get up too..Next, you will take on the perspective of my boyfriend. Who, my husband doesn’t know but will quickly learn once he presses play… has been locked away in chastity himself for a few weeks now. Except this evening, I’m going to let him out and toy with his cock. Stroking, licking, sucking, and blowing my vapor cloud on his pulsing head. He thinks I’ve had my fun now, and we’re finally going to get back to our “usual sex life”. The lesson he will learn? The same lesson as my husband. This is my idea of sex. Pleasure. A lifestyle. In my eyes, all cocks belong in a state of denial. Decorated behind bars.

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