Mistress Mercy Rage – He could be Licking All Night

Gorgeous Mistress Mercy has been using her slave all day, ballbusting him, flogging him, spitting on him, you know, normal stuff, and now comes a reward. She is going to sit on his face and let him lick and worship her ass. As the scene opens the camera is directly on her amazing butt as she lifts up and sits on the slave in a reverse position. She parts her butt cheeks to give the slave a good view and to get him eager to keep his tongue up her ass as long as possible without having to make a fuss about needing to breathe. She sits on his face and arches her back so he gets all her weight and no chance of sneaking air.

“Make sure your tongue is up my asshole and I’m getting some pleasure from it too” she tells him. She lifts her butt cheeks and the slave catches a breath and now is really enjoying his position as he feels her ass gyrate and bounce on his face. She gives him another breath and again sits down on his face with an arched back so he is completely buried. She sensually rubs her hands across her own body as the slave starts to kick. She asks if it was worth it, when she gives him a breath, and if he wants to do it again and naturally he says he does. She looks over her shoulder directly at you and says “I bet you wish it was you.” and lets face it, you do wish it was you. Mercy’s ass really does look amazing. She then turns into a forward position and again covers his face with her voluptuous ass. The entire time she insists he keep licking her sweet tasty hole. Mercy realizes she is really tired and needs to sleep. She lays on her stomach giving an amazing view of her backside to the camera and then tells the slave to lick it to help her fall asleep and then to lick it all night long, if need be. If he’s lucky he might get some farts to keep him alert.

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Resolution :1920 x 1080 MPEG-4
Duration :00:06:41

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