Mistress Evilyne – Breathless Orgasm

Yet more vacbed goodness! My slave had never been in a vacbed before. So I coaxed him into it with the promise of a nice wank. What he didn’t realise was that while jerking him off, I would be sitting on that tiny little airhole of his and completely stopping his airflow!I jerked him off while pretty much constantly leaving him without air, only sometimes deciding to let him breathe. His cock was as hard as wood as I jerked it off until climax. Unfortunately for him, he came all over My brand new rubber dress! That deserves punishment. Poor dear, even when being allowed and orgasm, he still suffers for Me!!! Not only did I ruin his orgasm, but I also slapped his cock around causing him extreme agony! He’ll be careful where he squirts next time!

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Duration :00:14:15

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