Mistress Euryale – Grip, punch and bust

Mistress Euryale – Grip, punch and bust

* Warning: this is a powerful POV of a very sadistic handjob. *
Unable to move, you can only witness the sadistic pleasure in the eyes of Mistress Euryale while she is punching and busting your cock and balls.
She found out you have a weakness for her hands, and she will not forget it until she is done destroying your most precious yet very fragile organs. This is going to be the most aggressive handjob of your life.
Using her clenched fissts, her whole hand or her fingers, she will grip, punch, slap, squeeze your cock and balls, until your moan in despair. Men are so weak, it is pathetic, she says, grabbing your neck, controlling your breath, still stimulating and hurting you.
At the end, you will have to endure an ultimate threat: “if you come, I punch you.” You made it dirty and you will pay for it…

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