Miss Isobel Devi – you are not a real man

Miss Isobel Devi – you are not a real man

I do love henri’s foolish enthusiasm, he wants to please Me so very bad, but he is such worthless bimbo wimp. Scaring him and bossing him around is like candy for Me. Today I want to fuck My slave. I want to fuck him hard in all his juicy holes. I let him warm his mouth up by cleaning My boots with his mouth. He does a good job sucking all the out of the heels and bathing them with his raggedy tongue.

Once he is warmed up I waste no time with formalities. I make dirty cock sucker out of him quick. He gags and winces and gurgles but that only makes Me want to throw him around like cheap floosy even more. He has no chance against My insatiable cock. I have My way with him until he looks utterly destroyed and it is time for his milking. But wait, I can not just let him have an orgasm after he has been such a wimp. Oh no, this sissy boy is in for a surprise.

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