Mistress Bella Lugosi – Is He Too Big Part 1

Part 1 Of 2.What staggers and dangles so loosely in the crotch? It is the strap that will penetrate your notch. Apparently, we can rhyme. Unfortunately, we had to think far too long about what rhymes with words like “giant strap-on” or “mega dildo”. Since our budget for finding rhymes was cut, we decided to use a less lyrical form of expression. Why always express only in a fine manner?Let’s just tell it like it is. Rappers do that too. At least the ones that rap about dildos in the ass. And there is nothing to sugarcoat here. There’s this incredibly huge strap-on thing. It could be the lower leg of a wildebeest or an antelope and our amazing Mistress Bella Lugosi penetrates this slave’s ass so deep that the suppository sways like a little boat in the wind. We assume he could taste the tip of the dildo down his throat. Maybe there wasn’t even any chocolate in the corner of his mouth?That would only be a guess, and we all have a tendency to exaggerate. But that’s what piling must have felt like.

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