Miss Sadie – Johnny’s Performance Review means he’ll have to BEG Part 2

In part 1 of this two part series Johnny had to beg for his job and promised to do anything to keep it. “Anything?” Miss Sadie asked him. Music to her ears as she soon had him on his knees kissing her ass and being subjected to her verbals taunts. As this scene opens we see Sadie holding a remote control. “So Johnny, how do you like your new uniform?” she asks him. The camera pulls back and we see Johnny is naked and wearing stiletto’s. “I like it” Johnny says stumbling on his words. Sadie tells him there has been no improvement in his work since the last review and he is costing her money. She tells him that to recoup her money she has to whore Johnny so that means she will be putting him on hormones, and teaching him to take big cocks up his ass. We now see the remote is connected to a fucking machine. She explains she will be using it on his asshole so it is nice and stretched out and able to take any size cock, not to mention cocks from morning to night. She tells Johnny to get on his knees and to lube his hole. “From virgin to whore in one performance review” she tells him. Sadie starts the penetration slowly but she tells him she imagines the men that will be fucking him will be going harder so she increases the pace. Sadie tells him how man after man will be filling his hole, and when it runs out he’ll be eating the cum. Sadie tells him to shave his face tomorrow before work, she will be bringing in a cute skirt and wig for him, and along with the hormones, he will soon be a nice chubby bimbo slut that men want to fuck often. Finally, Sadie sets the speed at max and she tells Johnny to rub himself until he cums. She counts him down until he explodes on the floor. “Now let’s see how good you are at eating cum” she tells him. Johnny pulls out, turns and eats his cum from the floor. “Johnny will be eating lots of cum from now on” Sadie says, adding “At this rate he might even be employee of the month.”

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