Ambers Dungeon – Hold Still FULL MOVIE feat. Mistress Eden

Ambers Dungeon – Hold Still FULL MOVIE feat. Mistress Eden

Mistress Eden works slave marco over for a 47 minute session filled with corporeal punishment, anal play, giant strap-on and a final milking as his ass is stretched with Her baseball bat sized strap-on. She takes two breaks to relieve Herself and uses a vibrator to orgasm as Her high heels jab his cock and balls. All the spanking and humiliation She dishes out makes Her extremely horny. This real life professional Dominatrix takes great pride in Her ability to break down lowly males and it really shows in this film of Hers. Mistress Eden has marco tied standing spread eagle to the frame bed. She focuses in on his ass as She holds a whip and slapper. It is Her goal to beat him until he is red and sore. In the process She wants him to suffer so She gets wet and can get off. She proceeds to cycle through the whip, slapper, hard wooden paddle and round spanker. Let the beating commence! This slave is taking a lot of punishment all focused on his ass. Mistress Eden has cracked the wooden paddle and is trying to break it on his ass. His screams get annoying so She jams a ball gag into the loser. She pounds away, standing tall and long legged in black high heels as he suffers for Her. With the loser’s ass beaten and inflamed. It is time to loosen it up for fucking. Mistress Eden uses a three balled dildo to ram his ass after loosening it up with Her fingers. Her slippery little knuckles probed and stretched prior to jamming the big black balled dildo into his hole. He is bent over the rail and soundly fucked by the thin red haired Dominatrix. She fucked him hard and he felt the rubber balls slapping on his ass. She whips his backside with the quirt and he squirms and yells. Mistress Eden switches to the giant brown rubber cock. It is the size of a baseball bat but She has lubed his ass up with Her , a dildo, and another big strap-on so She knows She can split him wide open with this one. She inserts the cock and begins to fuck him, stretching him to the limit and loving his suffering. She spanks his cock a bit with the slapper and then grips his cock and starts to fuck him deep. She jerks and fucks in rythym until he lets loose a geysur of cum as Her tight keeps on stroking until he is drained completely. She leans in, the giant cock still up his ass, and surveys the damage on his face.

Sex Acts:

Femdom, BDSM, Bondage, Bondage Sex, Corporal Punishment, Whipping, Spanking, Tease, Masturbation, Pussy Rubbing, Pussy Fingering, Female Completion, Pissing, Anal, Anal Fingering, Strapon, Pegging, Strapon Anal in Standing Doggy & Missionary, Handjob, Handjob To Completion, Cumshot, Cum on Self.

File Size :1.23 GB
Resolution :1280 x 720 MPEG-4
Duration :00:47:46

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