Miss Eve Harper – Wife’s Loaded Sex Game

Eve wants to put some spice into her staid marriage, so she devises a way to get what she wants. She sets up a game of chance, the strip dice game, her husband is eager to play and is excited as he wins the the first few rounds, getting to see his beautiful wife in her lingerie and without her panties. As he leaves the room to get some champagne, Eve swaps the dice to a special loaded one, when the game resumes, she is victorious for the next eight rounds, until her husband is totally naked. She suggests that her husband should start getting dressed in her clothes if her loses any more throws, he is soon made to wear stockings, suspenders and panties as his bad luck continues. Finally Eve offers an all or nothing throw, the winner gets to choose how they have sex, as he rolls a Eve rolls another 6, she pulls out a big strapon and tells him to bend over.
Femdom video with cross dressing and strapon action. No sex or female nudity
Sex Acts and Tags: Strapon pegging, strapon lying doggy, strapon cowgirl, strapon blowjob, cross dressing

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Resolution :1280 x 720 MPEG-4
Duration :00:26:35

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