Mandy Marx – How To Train Your Virgin Part 3

The complete series is available this month, for 4 E-Z installments. Come one, come all to my new series of Virgin Training. In these troubled times there are so many subby virgins, you may not know what to do? How to inspire your virgin, but keep the virginity. How to fuck him over without ever fucking. How to teach, without the real thing. Inspire him with deep dicking, without his dick going deep! Training virgins is ten percent physical, 90 percent mental. The other half is femdom addiction! 
Finally he’s ready for my strap on. His virgin ass is so tight, but with enough lube, I finally get my cock in. Face down on the bed he barely has any words. Once I stretch his ass out enough to put my cock in with no hands, I know I’m done with him. See ya next time Virgin loser.

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