Miss Roper – Dick Dosing Therapy

Logan is a long time patient of Miss Roper’s, his therapist; and recently has been dealing with many struggling aspects in his personal and academic life. While on summer vacation he’s suppose to be partying with his friends, sight seeing. Instead he’s been holed up in his hotel room, his girlfriend back home spamming him with misleading and hostile text messages about the current state of their relationship. She is fed up with Logan’s lack of interest in sexual exploration between the two of them, unable to see what the issue is in her desiring to bend her boyfriend on all fours and give him a taste of his own medicine so to speak. Struggling internally about it he begged his folks to assist in the cost of flying out his therapist to him to work through his feelings with her, urgent due to him not returning back to her area for another two months. Stretched across the room’s couch and the clicking of Miss Roper’s laptop relaxing to Logan’s ears, he begins to explain to her the thoughts filling his head and his feelings towards his girlfriend. Desires. Fears. So when Logan spills his guts what is a true professional to do but give him hands on solutions to his dilemmas? Sure, Miss Roper’s methods may seem unethical, chaining and strapping him onto his back to the lounge coffee table and making him gag on a thick strap on cock that clings to her hips. But this is what Logan’s girlfriend is requesting of him, it’s in his best nature to learn the full extent. The possibilities. And when Miss Roper plunges her cock into his tight little ass, using the ball gag strap stuffed in his mouth and a handle bar; she’ll have him type what he truly wishes to say to her in a letter. A very thorough & creative therapist Miss Roper is, no?

Femdom, Humiliation, Blackmail, Drugged, Strapon Blowjob, Strapon Anal Pegging in Doggy.

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