Lady Bellatrix – Think of it as a Low Calorie Egg Salad Lunch

Lady Bellatrix is sitting on the sex bench with her slave laying below her, cuffed in place, so she can grind her stilettos into his flesh. She complains how it’s been so hot, plus the AC isn’t working, and her legs are so sweaty that it’s actually made the leather moist. “It’s just so smelly in here” she says adding “and speaking of smelly it’s not just these leather boots and my armpits but I really have to fart.” She shifts up and lets out a long moist sounding fart. She next sticks the heel of a boot into the slaves face to suck before rubbing the sole over his mouth. She shifts to her side and lets out another fart. The heel goes back into his mouth as she talks about the nasty greasy food she has been eating and then she farts again. Seems she probably should really be emptying her bowels. Fearing the slave is not getting the full effect of her farts she decides it is time to sit on his bitch face. She slaps him and then slides down so she can face sit him. First she spits in his mouth and then quickly moves to squat over his face to fart. She lets out two rapid farts and the slave groans from the impact of the air on his face and the gas up his nose. The room is really rank now and she says she is going to have to use him as a toilet likely. She asks him what it smells like and he says “Eggs.” “Think of it as a low calorie egg salad lunch” she tells him. Now she grinds her farty ass all over his face until she needs to fart again. The slave coughs as Bellatrix turns around and lets out yet another cheesy fart. She now grinds his face but only for a few seconds because she has to fart yet again. She reminds the slave that he is lucky to be in this position as she could just be farting all over the bench and then allowing all the slaves to come in and lick it but no, he gets every single fart. She farts again and again and again. We don’t remember anyone farting so much in a scene before. Bellatrix now tries to sit on his face for a minute but hardly gets to 30 seconds before she farts again. As quickly as she has farted she sits back on the slaves face to insure the gas has no where to go but up his nose. That smell will fill his senses for the next week to come, likely. “I really have to get out of here, this room stinks” she tells him as she gets up and leaves him alone to wallow in it.

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