Katy Faery – Glove Fetish HJ From Your Sexy Sister

(This is one fan’s fetish fantasy made a reality by Princess Katy. So satisfy your deepest desires and commission your own customized forbidden fetish film by emailing me directly at: Katy Faery @ gmail.com *no spaces*) Your sexy Sister, Katy Faery, sits on the bed…with white gloves in front of her. Katy confronts you – tells you that you can deny it all you want, but she caught you looking at porn. Katy didn’t just catch you watching porn- she caught you watching glove porn. Katy teases you for watching weird porn about gloves, and asks why you don’t like normal porn. Katy picks up her gloves and asks if they are the type of gloves that turn you on. Katy puts on her gloves, and asks what you think of them. Katy notices you getting hard, and tells you to lay down. Katy pulls out your cock, and plays with your hard cock with her white gloves. Katy mocks you, and asks how can you like gloves. Katy slowly strokes your cock, while teasing you, and asking you questions about liking gloves. Katy rubs your cock until you cum all over her gloves. Katy is pissed you came all over her, and tells you to do that when you watch your glove porn.

File Size :1.08 GB
Resolution :1920 x 1080 MPEG-4
Duration :00:15:13

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