Kat Soles – Facesat in pool in wet bikini for Princess photoset

Kat does a photoshoot in the pool in her wet bikini. She uses a chastity slave like a prop. She sits on the slave’s face in her bikini like he isn’t even there while a photographer snaps stills. A female cameraperson directs and takes video of the whole process. Kat wants some great shots for her social media. She gets feedback from the camerawoman, “arch your back more, look over your shoulder a bit,” while the ignored slave is smothered under her wet bikini bottom. The camera snaps, snaps, snaps. Kat smiles while the slave cannot breathe. Kat stands and thrusts her perfect feet into the chastity slave’s mouth. She bounces her big booty on the chastity slave’s face and giggles. “You’re going to have to hold your breath for as long as it takes for us to get the shot.” The camerawoman tells the slave as Kat plops her butt back down on his face.

File Size :158 MB
Resolution :3840 x 2160 MPEG-4
Duration :00:06:14

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