Goddess Alexandra Snow – Employee of the Month

Your boss has called you into her office for a quick chat. You can tell immediately by her tone and posture that this is not going to end in your favor. You see, the big wigs at your company have really been pushing for your boss to be more ruthless. She’s a good boss, so there’s really no need, but she’s got her eye on that big corner office. She has a plan. You’re going to mess up the next big project and she’s going to save it. In the process she’s going to fire you and get that big promotion. What will you do? Well, you’ll be unemployed of course. But don’t worry. With her new promotion, she’s going to get a big, brand new house and guess who’s going to be the maid? Bingo, it’s you. Don’t be upset. You’ll like being a maid much more than some pencil pusher.
If your acting is good, she might even let you worship her feet.

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