Divine Guru Alexa – The Edging Orgasm Control Program

Mistress Alexa Divina ties her boyfriend up in a bondage chair, puts a mask on him, and gives him a torturous teasing handjob until he blows a massive load. When he’s done she continues to jerk his sensitive cock and ruins his pleasure. Amazing clip. Description from site and screens below.

You were black bagged and captured while u were alone, pumping gas at your local gas station to be brought to me for questioning. I`ve my own ways of getting what I want out of men, I torture you with my beautiful body, teasing you mercilessly making you groan from underneath the mask I place over your head. I know I am making that cock want me, I can feel the shape of it while I grind on his lap. He moans more unaware of the Edging torture I am about to do to him. I get his cock wet, and grip it with one hand, he’s so excited I know I am going to get what I want out of him. I begin questioning him then with his cock in my hand, my fingers gripping it tight and he went quiet. I slipped my hand up n down his cock slowly, and asked him again, and still he refused to speak. He wants to do this the hard way, so I begin stroking more, my hand tightens more around his cock as I jerk it faster, making my big tits bounce as I jerked up n down. he’s already weakening. I asked him a third time and this time, he begged me to please stop but I kept stroking his cock, slow and then fast, making his whole body jerk from the intense sense of pleasure my hands were sending through his body. I straddled him and jerked his cock while putting my big tits in his face, and he moaned so bad for me to let him go but It made me jerk him faster, faster n right when he was about to cum I let go of his cock, edging him hard. I grinded my big ass against his cock and teased him more, asking him to tell me what I want to know but all he could mutter out was a loud moan. “Oh u want more?” I said as I got his cock even wetter and began jerking his cock with both of my hands. Fast n slow then fast and slow, he couldn’t take the edging for much longer, he wants to cum So bad…. so I offered him a deal…

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