Spiked Balls

Spiked Balls

I am in the mood for some heavy rubber experiments today. I have already prepared slave 0 this noon, making him wear black long latex gloves and stocking. His is wearing a gasmask and I have put him into those red latex pants of pain. His penis and balls are slid snugly into a sheath but the best part are the sharp metal spikes on the insides of the balls pouch. They compress his testicles nicely while forcing the sharp tips into his delicate male flesh. A rubber latex cock ring keeps his rubber member hard. He is all tied up with latex straps. Add to this some tight nipple clamps and a transparent rubbebr sheath over his body and I am happy girl. While he is lying there for hours in his painful rubber captivity I enjoy myself around the house in my rubber clothes. I enjoy doing ordinary things fully clad in latex knowing I have a rubber boy toy ready to play with when I please. When I have had enough of anticipation I lie down next to him and slowly uncover my toy. I put some rubber covers over the eyes of his gasmask to add to his disorientation. Then I pull the chain of his nipple clamps. My, those nipples are sore by now. This must feel like a thousand needles. I take the clamps of and tease his nipples. I feel his hard member covered in rubber. It feels like a full rubber dildo. Male flesh made female toy. I take some rubber tubes and tighten a loop around his penis, compressing it while I hold his body still. Now I squeeze his rubber ball sac forcing the spikes into his skin. I play with his glans that is exposed through the hole in the top of the penis sheath. I cover his dick with some sticky slimy lube and force it into a black rubber masturbator, wanking him hard. Then I rub and stroke his dick while the movement of the spiked rubber gives him pain in the same rhythm. I wank him harder and harder until he convulses and shoots his slave load though the hole of the sheath.


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