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Daniela with long golden blonde hair sits before you telling you she will firmly and irresistibly stroke your hard erection… her whole hand wraps firmly around your swollen cock and starts stroking loosely and slowly she keeps telling you she will stroke firmly her hand tightens around you and moves faster and faster your firm purple cock, her hand, and her gorgeous face fill the entire screen you begin shaking with excitement and hear and feel your heart beatingher grip tightens even more your heart is now pounding thump-thump thump-thump your urge to release overpowers you for each thump-thump you now hear, you feel a stream of your semen squirting out into her hand thump-thump-squirt, thump-thump-spurt, thump-thump-spout all your sperm is now in her messy hand but this just allows her to tighten her grip even more and keep stroking your slippery purple and white cock into unbearable sensitivity like you have never experienced…

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